Ciboris is a globally oriented organization, we offer our services worldwide. Ciboris is offering training & knowledge-supported services for companies & organizations along the agro-food chain related to:

  • Verification and validation of Food Safety Management and Quality Management Systems
  • Development of risk based sampling plans to verify processes, raw materials quality/safety
  • Vulnerability assessment regarding food fraud/food authenticity
  • Risk assessment regarding allergens, microbial and chemical (contaminants & residues) hazards
  • Food safety culture consultancy
  • Tailor-made training and advices

Client profile:

  • Sector organizations
  • Branche organisations
  • Processing companies from different food sectors
  • Retail organizations
  • Trading organizations

Verification and validation of Food Safety Management and Quality Management Systems (FSMS/QMS)

Ciboris can verify that your FSMS/QMS is working as intended.

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Development of risk based sampling plans

Ciboris develops tailor made risk-based sampling plans for agro-food companies.

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Food fraud vulnerability assessment

Ciboris offers to agro-food companies the development of vulnerability assessments regarding food fraud and food authenticity.

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Risk assessment : shift from hazard towards risk for human health ?

Ciboris can perform risk assessment for microbial and chemical (contaminants & residues) hazards, as well as food allergens.

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Tailor made trainings for companies and organisations

Ciboris can develop a tailor-made training for your QA-team or other employees.

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Food safety culture consultancy

Ciboris wants to provide consultancy in food safety culture and human aspects of food safety management, through projects and training courses (based on scientific research).

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