Our Team

Dr. Bram Miserez has studied biochemistry and obtained a PhD in analytical chemistry from Ghent University. His previous positions resulted in knowledge of the analyses of anorganic, organic and biological molecules. His broad scientific background is useful to evaluate new analyses and techniques as Innovation Manager and manage the research projects at Ciboris. He has experience in sales and management and as such is also the Business Development Manager.

E-mail: Bram.Miserez@ciboris.org

Dr. ir. Elien De Boeck is a bioscience-engineer. As a teaching assistant at Ghent University, she gained experience in food safety management systems and risk assessment in the agro-food chain. She has completed a PhD in which she investigated the impact of organizational culture and food safety culture in food safety management.
E-mail: Elien.DeBoeck@ciboris.org

Dr. Jet Van De Steene has studied pharmaceutical sciences at Ghent University. She has developed a broad knowledge in the field of analytical techniques both during her PhD and her work as R&D researcher at Primoris lab. She can support Ciboris with insights in analytics and data interpretation.
E-mail: Jet.VanDeSteene@ciboris.org 


General manager: Dr. Ir. Carine De Clercq (Primoris Holding)