Tailored Trainings and Advice
We all hope our classroom trainings can resume as soon as possible, but for the moment, Ciboris is only offering on line courses. Having these on line means they are now more flexible and adaptable to your situation and questions. Our trainings are now fully tailored so you can get the most out of our half day courses.
Ciboris is also your partner of choice for scientifically based advice on food safety culture, risked based sampling plans and risk assessment. Our experts will make sure your system passes any audit or we can analyze your existing quality management system.
Food safety culture: legal requirements at EU level
Following the inclusion of food safety culture in Codex Alimentarius’ General Principles of Food Hygiene (CXC 1-1969) and acknowledging the importance of food safety culture for food industry, the EU Commission has now included food safety culture in the revised version of the food hygiene legislation (EU Regulation 852/2004). The draft act is already published and can be consulted. Also preventing allergen cross contamination will be a legal requirement in this revised hygiene legislation.
Coming soon : New training on residues and contaminants in food
As sustainable and healthy food is one of key elements in Europe’s ‘Farm to Fork’-strategy, knowledge on residues and contaminants in food is and will always be crucial in any food safety environment. Be sure you and your colleagues are up-to-date with the latest evolutions in the area of pesticide residues and contaminants. In the near future, Ciboris is offering on-line training courses on ‘Residues and Contaminants in food’, tailored to your company.
Food fraud research projects
Ciboris is involved in multiple food fraud analysis projects in spices, grains and in fruit juices. Food fraud and food authenticity is an ever growing topic of concern in the food industry. We are always open to set up a research project for this topic, including writing proposals for external funding.
If you have any issues with food fraud, Ciboris also performs food fraud vulnerability assessments, as requested by the GFSI.
Upcoming webinar
Following the success of our first webinar last year, Ciboris is hosting a new webinar in April 2021. We will send you an invitation and a program soon!

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