One of the research topics of Ciboris deals with food fraud and food authenticity.

We have an on-going research project entitled ‘Food fingerprinting as a tool to control food authenticity’,

subsidized by VLAIO (Flemish government: Vlaamse Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen), in cooperation with

Ghent University (Prof. B. De Meulenaer, Prof. L. Jaxcsens, Prof. K. Demeestere and Prof. C. Walgraeve),

CRA-W (Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques) and

ML2Grow (company for advanced machine learning, spin-off UGent).

Specific fingerprinting technologies will be evaluated in their potential solution in food fraud questions in combination with multivariate statistical analysis. Food

authenticity problems such as origin, variety and/or adulteration will be identified.     


NEW food fraud project: coöperation with fruit juice industry to develop analytical tools to identify food fraud in fruit juices and fruit concentrates.