Ciboris develops tailor made risk-based sampling plans for agro-food companies. Tailor made risk based sampling plans for microbial, chemical and physical hazards, as well as, for food allergens can be developed. Risk-based sampling plans are an important tool for agro-food companies to verify the functioning of their Food Safety Management System. The application of a risk-based sampling plan has multiple advantages:

  • A smaller number of samples is needed because not all products have the same risk. Ciboris studies the risk level of the different products (raw materials and/ or end products), obtaining different risk levels and implementing a different sampling approach based on the risk level.
  • The sampling plan is more focused on high risk products, which are the ones that we need to verify more often to assure the food safety in the food chain.
  • The costs are reduced, because important problems are discovered in an earlier stage, so that preventive activities can be applied sooner.
  • The overall sampling goals, strategies and directions improve, as there is a risk based reasoning behind the development of the sampling plan.
  • The sampling plan is continuously adjusted based on the risk level of the different products.

You can find our latest sampling plan training here.